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How To Turn On IGET Vape?

I just got a new IGET vape, but I found that there seems a child lock. Don't see it on before on my old ones. Does anyone know how to turn on IGET vape?
IGET Vape New Zealand
IGET Vape New Zealand

IGET Vape New Zealand is a premier online store in New Zealand, providing the latest vape trends and expert answers for vaping enthusiasts.

You just need to turn on the IGET vapes by quickly pressing the button five times within five seconds. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the device will switch off automatically, repeat the above to reactivate the vape.

The operation adapts to IGET vapes with a child lock like IGET Bar, Bar Plus, IGET Moon and IGET Halo, but the position of the button may be different for different product ranges.

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